28 February 2011

Avoir Paris!

Hello! Sorry no blogging has happened in a few days! Okay, where were we..

Thursday through Saturday we were in Paris. Jeff took us up on top of the roof of this really beautiful mall in Paris and we saw an incredible view of the city. We also enjoyed going to the l'Orangerie impressionist museum where we saw Monet's water lilies. Then we sat around the fountain in the garden outside and people watched for a bit. We also went up to Montemar (the hill overlooking Paris) at night and it was absolutely stunning! We even saw the Eiffel Tower sparkle! It sparkles on the hour every hour throughout the night. In Montemar we met up with Kellyn Patterson of all people! We had fun walking around with her and Jeff, went to a wine bar to catch up, and walked through a few churches (amazing stained glass!). After Kellyn left, we went out to a restaurant called le restaurant in Montemar (it was trying to be unique from all the restaurants in that area). I had veal (sorry baby cows....), Michelle had lamb, and Jeff had rabbit. It was so amazing and we already miss French cuisine so much! Then we met Alliah (the daughter of the family Jeff is staying with) at a Parisian night club, which was a crazy experience that we enjoyed for about 15-20 minutes and decided we had experienced enough! But, a good memory nonetheless.

Friday we were able to see the modern art museum which is modern because all the plumbing (and the escalators) are exterior to the building itself. We didn't go into the museum, but went all the way to the top of the escalators and saw a beautiful view of the city, and even managed to see the Eiffel Tower sparkle once again!

Saturday, our last day in Paris, we walked around Paris some more, went to another Impressionist museum to see Picasso, ate more maracroons, walked through the Luxembourg gardens and the University district, and had one last wonderful French dinner in Jeff's house. We had a delicious cheese spread and savory crepes that even Michelle could eat!

After a loooong night train, we finally arrived in Barcelona in the afternoon! More stories to co
me soon, but the hostel's breakfast only goes for 10 more minutes and we're hungry!!!!

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