17 February 2011

London: Take Two

Today was so much fun. We started early and went to ASDA (the UK version of Wal Mart) and got some food for breakfast and lunch and were wandering around Roehampton London ( a little area outside Downtown) and found a Cemetery. It was really beautiful because it is the tradition in this particular cemetery to plant a garden in front of each grave. So there was a variety of plants from bulbs and flowers to full grown trees! Afterwards we walked to Putney Bridge Underground Station about 2 K from the people we stayed with (Nick and Silviya... Nick spells her name wrong because he can't translate it from Bulgarian haha) they are in Lubov (that is Bulgarian for love).

Went to Buckingham Palace for the changing of the guard...they play "It's Not Unusual" by Tom Jones. Then had a picnic in St. James park. We walked to Big Ben and saw the outside of Westminster Abbey and the inside of St. Margret's at Westminster Abbey because that was free.

Met up with our new friends Charity and Kim in Trafalgar Square for coffee and together we walked to the Tower of London and Tower Bridge. They were absolutely lovely! Charity and Kim are both from Arizona and Kim was visiting Charity who is living in London currently.

After we parted ways Amy and I went to the Tate Museum of Modern Art and the Globe Theater. We hopped back on the tube and tried to get to Hyde Park before it closed but missed it by a few minutes! Back to Putney Bridge Station to have dinner with Nick, Silviya, Vail, and CiCi. Silviya made us pizza and chocolate shakes!

Overall a much better day than yesterday!

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