20 February 2011

We LOVE Belgium!!!!

we are in belgium now, in roselare staying with a wonderful family. They have a son named jaser that is a bit older than us and they are from the netherlands. jaser and his girlfriend took us out last night to a bar that was dj-ed by the guy from this band justice that did the song, D.A.N.C.E. so that was a treat! his friends are very nice as is everyone we met in belgium!

the night before we stayed in torhout with a lady named fabienne and her son miguel. fabienne was very nice, a little off, but very kind. we stayed in her attic which she had redone and it was soooooo cute! yesterday we went to bruge which was so lovely. we took a chanel ride, had belgium warm chocolate, sausage, and warm cider, and almost got invited to stay in a convent! it was a great time. then fabienne took us to her boyfriend's work. he is the king of a french fry restaurant! so they treated us to some fries, cabob, and a burger. then fabienne drove us to jasper's and we got suer lost in this random art of belgium's backrodes but we saw rabbits and windmills so it was all good. we were very hay to get to jaspers!

on the way to france now!

also, im on a belgium keyboard, so forgive the mistakes! (oh, and the p key didn't work while i wrote this haha)

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