23 February 2011

Becoming Parisians

We've very much enjoyed Paris so far! We haven't gotten lost here (yet) and have been able to see many wonderful things!

Monday we had a sunny morning, so we took a walk along the garden from the Louvre to the Arc de Triomphe. Then we met Jeff back at his home and he cooked us a delicious cod lunch! After lunch, we went to the Eiffel Tower and took way too many pictures of it. Then we took a nice walk through the city til we reached Pierre Hermes, Jeff's favorite macaroon shop. We stopped to eat a few at a local cafe and journaled for a bit before heading home. Jeff cooked for us again! He made us a pumpkin chestnut risotto..mmmm! Se magnifique! We went to bed with full tummies.

Tuesday we went to Versailles and saw the Palace and Marie Antoinette's hamlet. SO beautiful, but definitely over the top amount of wealth. Afterwards we skipped across Paris to the Notre Dame, went inside, and then found the line to climb to the top. A man had just closed the line, but Michelle gave him a puppy face, batted her eyelashes a little, and we were the last to go up that day. It was absolutely gorgeous!!!! The climb wasn't too bad (some 400 steps, nothing compared to Half Dome) and the view was more than worth it. We got a 360 view of the city and .both of our camera batteries died from taking too many pictures. Then we came home and Jeff cooked us Coquilles Saint Jacques (a kind of scallop-esk dish) over rice. We are in LOVE with Paris! Lots of wine and good times with every dinner.

Today we had some gloomy weather, so we thought we'd go to another cemetery! But first, we went and explored a wing of the Louvre (saw the Mona Lisa and Venus de Milo along with many...many other pieces of art). At the Pere Lachaise Cemetery we saw Jim Morrison's grave (also at the cemetery was Oscar Wilde & Chopin's graves, although we couldn't find those as it was a huge cemetery). After we got back home, we went to the market with Jeff (thought we should contribute a bit) and we are about to make some chicken for dinner! Bon Appetit!


  1. Ooh la la! La France, c'est magnifique!!! I'm especially jealous of the risotto. Chartres Cathedral is another amazing place to go if you have the time-- an easy train ride.

  2. I love Paris! Walked from L'Arc the Triomphe all the way to Notre Dame and then up to the top. That was the good ol' days when I still had energy and knees that cooperated...

    So glad you two are having an awesome time and I hope the remainder of your trip will be equally magical! --Gertrud