26 March 2011

The Hills Are Alive!!!!!


Today we went on a Sound of Music Tour in Salzburg! It was SO wonderful! Our guide, Trudy, was incredibly funny and made the experience more than worthwhile. We were able to see many of the scenes from the film and even met some girls from the states!

*Patting the head of a statue that the Von Trapp kids patted while singing DO-RE-ME!

*Jumping up the steps also where the song DO-RE-ME was filmed!

*Where Julia Andrews as Maria was married in the film
*Running on Mozart bridge like the Von Trapps!
*Our SUPER AWESOME tour bus :D No shame.

After the tour we hiked up to the castle on top of the hill in Salzburg and then to the convent where Maria Von Trapp lived (in real life and the film). Then we had a nice dinner at a cool place called Indigo and headed back to the hostel to watch Sound of Music! The tour inspired us...

Now we are waiting on our train to Venice, Italy which doesn't leave until 1:34am...can we stay awake? We'll see :D

Love and blessings from Austria!

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