23 March 2011

Making Manic in Munich

Growing up so fast here in Europe!

Yesterday we got to visit this old medieval town named Rothenburg that still had a wall wrapped around the entire "old village" from the 1400s. We went to a museum that showed us torture & crime things used back then (including "shame masks" and chastity belts) which was really interesting. We also met a wonderful lady in a Coo Coo clock shop who met Rick Steve's (who wrote our guidebook) when he was 18! Amy was so excited cause I love Rick Steve's!

We also walked around the wall of the city, which was absolutely stunning.

Then we had brautwurst and french fries...yummy!

Today we went to see the Dachau concentration camp memorial. It was incredibly moving.

Dachau Memorial Center piece.

Protestant Church of Reconciliation: Psalm 17

Then we walked along Starnberger Lake, or "Paradise," as we have come to know it. There were nuns, swans, guitarists, and adorable children...so nice! Michelle is being beautiful in this photo, but Amy almost fell off when she tried it out and Michelle saved her life...or at least her shoes!

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