07 March 2011

Rick's Suggestions.

We are now in Arcos de la Frontera. As Rick Steve's says " Arcos smothers its hilltop, tumbling down all sides like the train of a wedding dress"

We arrived in the late afternoon and finally found some sunny and warm weather. It is just small narrow streets with white washed buildings and the most beautiful and breath taking views. The food was quite delightful. We tried swordfish with salsa verde and cuban rice...which was rather odd. Rice with an over easy egg, tomato sauce and a sausage? Quite strange. But after dinner we caught the tail end of a tourist group for the 60+ crowd and saw the Castle and church. Hanging out in our hostel tonight and prepping for our departure for Portugal tomorrow!

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  1. Viva Portugal! You guys are having some great adventures!