20 March 2011

Robo Rally!

Yesterday we left Friedrichshaven and our new friends to go to Munich. We took a gorgeous train ride through the German countryside arriving in Munich a few hours later. We met up with our couch host Jonas and went grocery shopping. He had us try Lieberkas... It looks like a bread but is actually pork and...other meats? Essentially it looks like bread and you stick it in the oven for over an hour and the outside gets a crispy almost burnt crust. With the lieberkas we at some rolls and a variety of AMAZING mustards. However one very special thing about our lieberkas is that we put it back in the oven to keep it warm after cutting out a few pieces and when we took it back out it grew back! Absolute magic!

Jonas' neighbor Kristoph came by with his girlfriend and brought along a board game called robo rallys. It is by far one of the most epic games! Up to 8 people can play and you have to program a strategy with the cards you are given (rotate left, move forward 1 etc) and get to the three various check points on the board. There are obstacles and lasers and you shoot one another...it is absolute mayhem!!

A great first night in Munich and now off to purchase some white sausages for breakfast!

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  1. HA! Leberkäse...I think that's the same as Fleischkäse in Switzerland. Mmmmm SOOO good! And so very pink... :)