17 April 2011

Santorini Sunset

Our second day in Santorini we took a boat ride to visit the volcano and the hot springs with Liz (left) and Saba (right). We had so much fun hiking up the volcano and taking photos! The hot springs wasn't exactly hot at all, but it was really fun to swim around for a bit.

After our boating adventure, we went back to the hotel to clean up. We were able to just enjoy lying out on the black sand beach in the sun for a few hours. So wonderful!

Then we headed for Oia to see the sunset. We made it to the coast of Oia just in time! What a beautiful view! We spent the rest of the evening taking night pictures in Oia. Incredible. Afterwards we went to our favorite restaurant, Yazz, right next to our hostel and enjoyed a great conversation with our new friends who work there.

Our first episode of the Amy and Michelle Show! In high school we decided to have a TV show, which we wanted to film in a volcano. I have no idea why, but we found a volcano and hence...this video!

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  1. i really think you should continue with the Amy and Michelle Show! I'd watch it!