03 April 2011

On an evening in...Latina!

We had a lot of fun in Florence..it was so beautiful. We got to climb to the top of the Duomo, which is the church in the center of the city...it's MASSIVE! We also hiked to this plaza that overlooks the entire city and took a nap on the grass! Grass is actually quite rare when you visit a lot of cities, so that was wonderful. Although, Amy felt kinda bad cause she smooshed some daisies! Oops! We also saw the David (spectacular!) and hung out with Michelle's sorta friend from Pomona who is studying in Florence.

*Michelle climbing the Duomo..so many stairs!

*Amy on top of the Duomo

*On top of the Duomo...the church in the center of Florence

*View from Piazzale Michelangelo

Yesterday we went to Siena. Our guidebook described it's main plaza as a beach without sand or water. We were like...WHAT!? But it totally is! Everyone sits out in the sun and tans! There is a nice breeze and everything! Totally the beach. There we climbed a massive bell tower that provided the most stunning view of Tuscany. We also got to "see" a wedding. When the bride and groom came out of the church, the entire plaza exploded in applause! It was so magical :):)

*Enjoying gelato in the plaza that's "like a beach" in Siena

*Michelle on top of the bell tower


*Michelle my belle

*Wedding Crashing

After Siena, we continued to Rome to stay with Justo, our new couch surfing host. HE IS SO NICE! He is in Latina, Italy (south of Rome, near the beach) working as an electronics teacher for the Army. He is the most wonderful host! Justo is from Puerto Rico, so it is really nice because he understands all the American stuff we miss! He had flat water and diet coke waiting in the fridge for us! As there was a big marathon in Rome today, he told us not to visit until tomorrow. So, he took us to Jupiter's palace (greek ruins) which overlooked Terracina (a city on a beach) and then drove us along the beach to another mountain and then to a lighthouse! So gorgeous. Then we went out to lunch, hung out on this beautiful beach with the softest sand you've ever felt, and got gelato! Now we're planning our trip to Rome tomorrow with Justo! He has shown us EVERYTHING that we need to do tomorrow. Then we'll come back to Latina to enjoy the sunset and cook dinner back at Justo's place!

*Amy enjoying a WONDERFUL view :)

*Michelle on top of Jupiter's Palace

*Us with Justo and an AMAZING view of Terracina

*Amy at the cross on top of the mountain

*Our lovely host Justo took us to a beautiful lighthouse

*We found the beach, but Amy lost her legs!

*Justo describes Amy's new dream of opening a gelateria on top of the mountain

*360 view of lighthouse area...so beautiful! (video may be loud due to wind, sorry!)

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