15 March 2011

60 hours 7 trains 1 hotel and two incredibly exhausted people later...

We made it to Interlaken, Switzerland!!

We arrived last night in Interlaken and checked into the Funny Farm Hostel and Matterhof Resort. (one half is the funny farm...the less nice half and the nice half is the resort...even though the entrance/stafff/accommodations are the same?). Our room is straight out of the 70's...no joke.
This morning we were considering going paragliding but the weather didn't look to good so instead we went to Murren; a little mountain and ski resort town. After arriving in Muren we went to the top of the Schilthorn Piz Gloria. It is where they filmed the James Bond movie " In Her Majesty's Service."
It was freezing but we had a great time taking photos. The views were breathtaking...literally because the wind was blowing like crazy.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAMA WONG!!!!!! We both miss you and love you and hope you have a truly special day :D

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  1. Home sweet home... :) Glad you're enjoying my native country!!