14 March 2011

J'adore Thomas.

We arrived at the station this morning after our night in Nimes ... Personally I thought that our train was to leave at 8:30...when in actuality it was at 9:00 am and rushed Amy who did not understand why we were rushing in the first place. So eventually after many minutes of frustration realized that Amy was correct and there literally was no need to get panicky.

After twenty five minutes of waiting in line ( now 8:35 AM) our new friend Thomas the ticket service person came to our aid. He found out that the information that we had was no longer available and so he needed to make new itinerary for us. After a solid 20 minutes, various swear words and grunting he handed us our four transfers/reservations for us to travel to Interlaken by tonight!

We decided to leave our packs at the hotel we had stayed out the previous evening and went to explore Nimes. We saw the Place des Arenes, Tour Magne, Jardins de la Fountain, Temple de Diana, and the Cathedrale ND et St Castor. We also made sure to eat some crepes (gluten free for Michelle) as this is our last time in France!

Leaving for Interlaken in a few hours!

Amy in the Temple de Diana
Amy in front of the Temple de Diana
View from on top of the Tour Magne

Michelle walking to Tour Magne

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