12 March 2011

The things you learn from an afternoon in a Portuguese Mall

What you learn from spending an afternoon in a Portuguese mall:

  1. You are apparently not allowed to sit on the ground….even when all of the benches are full. People mad dog you and quizzically glance and then ten minutes later a security guard will confront you and ask you to please stand
  2. If you are in a store don’t allow them to see that you have a water bottle in hand. They yell at you in Portuguese…and then are even more upset when you don’t understand them
  3. At the cinema you have options of where you would like to sit and yes it is assigned seating. Rows and numbers the whole nine yards.
  4. Don’t attempt to walk into to the theater more than 10 minutes previous to your movie beginning…they for some reason REALLY don’t like you asking.
  5. When you are in the middle of your movie and the film abruptly stops, the lights turn on, and every starts heading for the exit like it ain’t no thang…it really isn’t. They have intermission… in movies….that are only 1 ½ hours long.
  6. Hiking boots are a fad in Lisbon. There are girls in skinny jeans wearing merrels and timerlands… we fit right in.
  7. Wok to Walk in your hiking boots and you will be pleasantly surprised. I suggest the Saigon sauce.
  8. When purchasing a “chocolate milk” make sure it is not a yogurt “milkshake” that has chunks of chocolate inside…not so delicious.

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  1. You have the most awesomest adventures ever! Treasure this special time, because you will remember it for the rest of your life.

    I remember intermission during movies when I lived in Switzerland. Back then you were not allowed to bring food or drink into the movies, so they had an intermission - after all, they make their money on expensive food/drink items, so intermission is great for that! :)

    Looking forward to your Switzerland adventures!! So jealous...you're going to be on my old stomping ground - Zurich.