12 March 2011

Yes! ...the hostel!

Us with a view of Lisbon in the background (from the castle)

SO...to make a long story short. We were walking to the train station and these three Germans ...I don't know why our friends always come in threes and of different nationality than the country we are in but anyways. They informed us that there is apparently a strike in Portugal right now against the train system. So therefore we ended up following these three to the bus station and hopping on a FOUR hour bus ride to Lisbon. We then followed our three Germans to their hostel..we had found our own but we didn't want to search for it in the rain. We dropped off German #1 ...only then to realize that Joyce had met them at the train station only a few minutes earlier as well! So Germans #2 and #3 Jan and Tim took us to the hostel and we walked around the city and met a cop that was quite bored because he was guarding the backside of the museum so he gave us segue lessons. Have you ever been on one? They are sooo cool! We had dinner at the hostel which was AMAZING. We got a vegetable potato leek soup, salad, scalloped potatoes and some kind of delicious pork in a saffron sauce and a mango sorbet.

Our new German friends

Today we are on our way back for level #2 of Segue training from the Jedi Master Cebullo.

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