02 March 2011

Ciudad de Artes y Sciencias

Took a train to Valencia this morning and enjoyed the pleasure of a movie dubbed in Spanish. I think we picked up on 20% of the words/palabras. Was so much fun! After we arrived in Valencia, we walked to the downtown and found a place that looked like a construction zone, so we asked what it was and a local told us it was a firework show that would be going on at 2pm. So, we popped into a cafe for a wonderful lunch. Michelle was very happy because her coca cola light came with ice and a lemon! Then we went out onto the street a little before 2 and it was PACKED!!!! MADNESS I'm telling you. The "fireworks" went off and it was like an air raid. SO LOUD!!!! The fireworks were red and shot up into the air for 10-15 minutes and stuff was falling on our heads and it was so smokey you couldn't even see the sun (and it had been a clear day). People were cheering, drinking, kissing, smoking, dancing...you name it. It was a huge celebration and Michellle and I were in complete shock. We definitely didn't comprehend what was happening and were not expecting that at all.

So, we got out of the war zone and went to the playa for some relaxation. We touched the Mediterranean Sea for the first time! Then we walked over to the Science/Art district and took some awesome pictures and walked through a very long but enjoyable park :)

We grabbed dinner at an interesting local cafe and ate arroz con horno y flan...yum! Granada in the morning! Pray that we can get some sleep on the night train please!

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  1. It is just amazing to see how easily you all make friends! So exciting. Your photos are AMAZING.