03 March 2011

What happens when you have time to spare in a train station in Europe...

So, we got to the Valencia station way before our train took off (as we didn't want to be in the city at night) and we ate McDonald's fries, went online, played cards, window shopped and then this happened....

We started working out at the station with our backpacks on, and then thought it would be really great to get a jumping picture! This took us about an hour to get one with both of us in the air. Oh, what a fun way to pass the time! I'm pretty sure the other 13 people at the station thought we were crazy.

The night train to Granada went well (thanks to your prayers!) but Granada not so much. We pretty much walked around for 10 minutes and decided to change our train ticket to leave the city in a few hours. Granada was lame-o. But we had a nice snooze by a statue :)

Now we are in Algeciras (which is near the southern tip of Spain) and are headed for Morocco in the morning. We found an AMAZING hostel (Hostal Lisboa Algeciras) that is owned by a brother & sister (Rosa). They were SO kind to us. They made us a wonderful map, helped us start our laundry, walked Michelle to the port to help set up a ferry to Morocco, and Rosa even took us out to the restaurant next door (which she owns) and bought us wine and a tapa! Also, we got to go into Rosa's mother (Cathy) and father's (Joesph) house (which is in the same building as the hostel) and Cathy taught Michelle how to crochet with a plastic bag! They even gave us some of their blackberry liquor! We are in love with Spain, and we are now clean as we have reached a shower...joy!

I would also like to give a shout out to Nicole (my sister) as she is wonderful and I miss her very much! MUAH!

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  1. Sorry Granada was lame-o. But please be very safe and careful in Morocco!!! Hope you are there only a very short time....