06 April 2011


On Monday and Tuesday, we went into Rome, which was wonderful! We went on a hop on hop off tour bus on Justo's recommendation. We went to the mouth of truth, where you stick your hands in and supposedly you will lose your hand if you are a liar. No worries...we still have both our hands! Then we saw the Trevi fountain, the Pantheon, and the colosseum. Then we came back to Justo's and made an AMAZING dinner! Be jealous ;) The next day we went into the Vatican and then rode a funny four wheeler bike around a park that had an amazing view of the city! Amy has been wanting to ride a bike this whole trip, so it was very thrilling! After our second day in Rome, Justo surprised us and took us to a local castle and to Sermoneta, which is a town on a hill over Latina. We went as the sun was setting and the town was absolutely amazing!

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