07 April 2011

Pompeii...it was a BLAST! ....get it?

Yesterday we went to see Pompeii, which was absolutely amazing. We just got lost in the ancient ruins and ended up getting some really cool pictures. We also saw the people who had been covered by the ash of the volcanic explosion. There was one of a person trying to cover their mouth and nose to breath.There was another of a 17 year old girl who was pregnant. It really brought a lot of insight into the tragedy.

*Michelle cooking in Pompeii

*Us with Vesuvius in the background

*Amy chillin' with some Pompeii statues

*Walking through Pompeii

Then we went into Naples for less than 30 minutes. It was so dirty. They are on a trash strike or something right now and NO one is picking up the trash, so there is trash blowing EVERYWHERE. We got a recommendation for good pizza, but it was so crowded. So we went to this really junky pizza cafe thing and the pizza was awful! So that was sad, cause the only reason we went to Naples was to try the pizza (or for Amy to try at least haha). So, we wouldn't recommend Naples at all, as you can get the same Naples pizza across the bay in Sorrento, which is supposed to be a nice beach town with massive lemons that they use for gelato and limoncello.

When we got back to Latina, we grabbed dinner and headed for the beach! It was so peaceful and we got a lot of fun pictures! Michelle and I not only had a water war, but we also finally figured out our secret handshake that we've been wanting since high school! Whoop!

*Water war!

*We love the beach!
*Working on our secret handshake!

*I told Michelle she had to stay a stick's length away from me :)

*And of course, our day was not complete without delicious gelato!

Today our wonderful host is driving us down to the Navy base in Naples to go grocery shopping while we go to the exchange (shopping!) as Michelle needs a bathing suit. Then we are going up Mt. Vesuvius, which was the volcano that exploded over Pompeii. I'm pretty sure it's not still active, but hopefully it won't explode today!

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