15 April 2011

What was that the baker gave us...?

Santorini is absolutely amazing! We are resting, but not in the way we were expecting. We met these two girls our age in Athens at our hostel that were taking the same ferry as us to Santorini. They helped us get situated in the same hotel as them. It's right on the beach next to this amazing restaurant where we are slowly becoming friends with the owner. He speaks very little English, so it is a process haha. The owner of the hotel, Steilo is also AMAZING! He picked us up from the port and gave us a quick tour of his part of the island. We actually met his wife at the grocery store down the street this evening and she gave us a ride back to the hotel cause it was getting dark! Such a kind couple!

So, rewind...last night we just hung out at the aforementioned restaurant with the two girls (Saba and Liz). Michelle had this delicious traditional meatball dish and I had Moussaka...yum! Then today we actually rented a car with the two girls cause it was so cheap! 7.50 each for 2 days. There is a horrid public transportation system, so it's really the only way to see the island efficiently. We went to an old town first and just explored and took photos. I ran into this little white puppy dog, which at first ran away from me, but then started licking my toes. Melted my heart.

After the old town, we went to Fira, which is the main city and port of the island. We walked all the way down to the old port, grabbed lunch, and took a mule ride back up! What an experience! There was no one leading the mules, the guy just helped us on them, yelled at the mules to start moving, and they just kept going up! They were so cute!

Then we drove to a red sand beach and check it...we got to go SWIMMING!!!! finally :D It was definitely really cold, but so worth it! We swam out to this rock that we just laid on for an hour before the tide was getting a bit rough, so we came back. Then we went out for gyros for dinner. The gyros man gave them to us for free!!!!! So nice! That's when we went grocery shopping for food tomorrow (we're going to the volcano and then the hot springs) and met Steilo's wife. Then we went back to our favorite restaurant and just sat by the fire outside and had a cider. Perfect end to a perfect day.

*Ranting Old Greek Men

*Muling around...get it?

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