13 April 2011

Zeus Sneezed

We made it to Bari and spent the night in a "hostel" which was really like staying in an Italian's apartment. It was great! They had Minestrone soap waiting for us when we got there...yum! Unfortunately...the Nutella jar was empty!

The next day we took a Superfast Ferry to Greece. 30 hours later, we discovered that Greece is amazing! We met two other Americans on the ferry over here and have been traveling with them. They are both studying in England. Their names are Catherine and Anthony. So nice! We got into Athens last
night and saw the view from the Acropolis at night. We hiked up there again today and went to some other sights (Zeus' temple, Hadrian's library) and just walked around the city. We even got some Greek sandals at the Athens flee market! So much fun! When Anthony saw a toppled column at Zeus' temple, he said, "Zeus must have sneezed or something." Made our day!

And tomorrow...off to Santorini!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (aka PARADISE!!!!)

1 comment:

  1. As Maxwell Smart would say "That's the second biggest Nutella container I've ever seen!" (If you don't get it, just remember I'm old).

    Hey guys, thanks for the postcard! I feel less like a stalker now! I just love reading about your experiences. And now can't wait to go to Greece this summer! You'll have to advise us.